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History - The Big Move

Get It Done Moving Service started  with a young man looking for ways to make a living in the early 2000s in Dallas Texas.  He started as a helper at a high end furniture store. As he grew in the company, he began to  deliver and pick up furniture. He was soon promoted to management and was responsible for training, route management, transportation, and payroll. 

 After working with a diverse range of clients in the Dallas Fort Worth area and being recognized as a leader locally, he was offered a contract to start his own crew.  He considered the offer because he enjoyed moving but disliked that he was not making enough to help his family so he decided to form a business. 

Get It Done was initially established in 2007. Today, the young man is married to a beautiful lady and they have a precious little girl. Mr. Martin is heavily involved in training all crew members and Mrs. Martin is dedicated to ensuring clients are treated with care. Get It Done has  transformed to a family owned business over the years and  we are not just a company but a real family that enjoys moving others forward. We care about the safety of our customer's belongings and work hard to save you time. 

Get It Done Moving Service has successfully completed over 1500 moves in the surrounding area and is continuously working towards exceeding customer expectations.


MISSION  The mission of Get It Done Moving Service ® is to provide professional, caring and honorable services that will exceed our customer’s expectation. 

CORE PURPOSE To work together in unity to GET it Done and Help others along the way 


INTEGRITY  We provide services that are honest and authentic. Integrity to us means that our core values are visible through the services we offer our customers from the choices of words, decisions, methods and outcomes we remain honest and consistent. We hold ourselves to a higher standard because without trust, we cannot succeed. 

PROFESSIONALISM  We are hardworking movers dedicated to our professional service. We understand moving can be stressful and personal for many people that is why we behave in a way that will make our customers feel the most comfortable and at ease. We act and work with a high standard of maturity and respect to exceed our customers expectation. 

RESPECT   We treat everyone with respect. We have a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination and work hard to ensure that everyone, especially our customers are treated with the utmost respect. 

CARE We pay great attention to detail because we care about the work that we do. Our movers will ensure that your load is secure and that you move forward, we got your back and will get it done. 

UNITY   We believe in unity and coming together. 

Full Service Moving Packages available

Full service moving packages include a truck, labor services , gas and mileage. Don't worry about packing, loading, driving and unloading, we are loaded with muscle and can happily get it done.  

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